About us

About CKS Technology


In the heart of Europe

CKS Technology was created to respond to an increasingly growing demand for IT consulting and development. Initially established in France, the company currently offers its services in other European countries such as Belgium and Luxembourg. Based in Lille, less than one hour from Brussels, one hour from Paris and one hour and a half from London, the company is thus asserting its European ambitions.


What if we talked about new technologies

At CKS Technology we give a very special place to new technologies. It goes fast, very quickly and each new technology brings novelties and improvements which should not be neglected. It can be about new languages ​​with new paradigms, methods or concepts. It goes without saying that we must always take care to get the best out of all the novelties and, if we know how to do it well, it will succeed. So why deny it?


Without goals, no results

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our clients and our consultants.

How do we do it?

Well, we study each need with great attention and rigor, we put in place all our know-how and expertise in order to advise and support our customers as well as possible.

On the other hand, we make sure that our consultants are fulfilled in their missions and doing regular follow-ups.


Improve your skills

In order to always be competitive and efficient, it is absolutely necessary to improve and increase your skills over the years. This is why we offer our employees regular training in order to learn new languages, tools or methods.